Modern-Day Esthers, Have you taken time learn about Passover? Passover is coming up this month. We want to encourage ALL our Esthers to spend time preparing for this holiday. Here is a brief overview on Passover traditions! 

1. Worldwide Passover Is The Most Commonly Celebrated Jewish Holiday

We are not sure why this is? There are many reasons people accredit Passover to being celebrated. It may be due to timing. This was the first holiday God gave the Jewish people. 

2. Time of Giving!

The Jewish People are very philanthropic. This is not just their nature but an activity practice of Judaism. Before the festivities of Passover, the Jewish People take an offering. These funds go to preparing celebrations for ALL people. 


3. No Bread During Passover


During Passover, bread is not allowed. In preparation, homes will be cleaned of bread.

4. Matzah Is  A Big Part Of Passover

Why is Matzah such a big deal? This is...