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Devotional: "Start with Jesus"

Scripture:I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last-Rev 22:13

Message: If He is the beginning and the end,why not start with Him?
Beloved,Life begins and start having meaning when you meet Jesus.
Beloved How you start,who you start with will determine how and where you end.
Rising without Him is rising to fall.Mourning in the morning is inevitable if we don’t start with HIM, for life is full of Battles.

Why not start with He who can see the end from the beginning,the mighty one in Battle?

There is a proverbial saying that,what a man sees even seating down,a child can’t see when standing.Seeing well and afar is not about height.Its about God. If you make it anyway without the ONLY WAY(Jesus) you have failed.Riches without Christ is self affliction.Marriage without Him is like  preparing a soup without salt.Life without Him is like buying unfamiliar device without a manual.Success without Jesus is still failure.How then should you start your day with Jesus?

Let us use the acronym ..S-T-A-RT.I will like to start with the letter ‘S’. You must start your day by STUDYING the Word.How high you go in life is as a result of how deep you go into His word. What opens your eyes to see the WAY is the Word,because He the Word is the *WAY*,truth and life(John 24:6). There will come a time in life you don’t know what to do and which way to take.Go into the word.All roads does not lead to same destination.Where you want to get to determines the path(Way) you use.

Study the word to know the only way. Its not about the many STEPS you take during the day,it’s about taking the right step and scripture says the word is light unto your feet. Why run without the Word?Speed without direction is meaningless.You will run to nowhere. If you want Him to be WITH you,start with HIM and He will finish with you.To Be continued....

Prayer:HOLY SPIRIT wet my appetite for the Word.Remind me daily to study your word in Jesus name.Amen!

Declaration: In the name of Jesus,I am a carrier of His word.My day will be full of Joy and Light.My eyes will see His Goodness.Amen!!

By Pastor Bansah

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