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Join us as a CW4I Mitzvah Maker!

“Observe the days as days of feasting and joy and giving presents of food to one another and gifts to the poor.”
Esther 9:22 

This week's Mitzvah Challenge is to give presents of food to one another and gifts to the poor in observation of Purim. 

The tradition of Purim is one of the most festive and joyous holidays on the Jewish calendar. The book of Esther commands that it be celebrated on the 14th and 15th days of Adar.

Jewish people celebrate life on Purim by hosting festivals, dressing in costumes, indulging in food and drink, and giving gifts of food to the needy. 

Purim is to be a time of "feasting and joy, of sending presents to one another and gifts to the poor." Esther 9:22

This year on March 9 and 10th, Jewish people around the world will give gifts to the poor in observance of Purim.

As Bible-believing Christians, the Word instructs, “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land.” Deuteronomy 15:11 

As a modern-day Esther, your mitzvah (good deed) is to help provide food to the poor and needy in the Holy Land through the excellent work of Israel's Crisis Hotline.

This dedicated team is working around the clock to meet the needs of Israels' poor this Purim through to the upcoming Passover holiday. 

Join us as a CW4I Mitzvah Maker, in honor of Purim. Please make a gift of any amount to help provide an emergency food delivery.

Our goal is to feed over 250 families or elderly couples, including Holocaust survivors in dire need.

Each delivery costs 300 shekels or approximately $88.  

When you answer the Mitzvah Challenge, you make it possible to provide people, like this poor lady pictured above, with immediate help and tangible resources.  

As part of CW4I’s Mitzvah challenge, you can be a lifeline for the poor in Israel through our partnership with this most crucial lifesaving and life-changing service, Israel’s Crisis Hotline. 

Thank you for blessing Israel and her people. We pray God will bless you abundantly for such a time as this. 



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Christian Women For Israel, a program of The Esther 414 Foundation.

Name and image may be changed to protect the privacy and dignity of those we serve. The Esther 414 Foundation, Christian Women For Israel, and The Eckstein Fund are not affiliated with The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.   

And as you join us in praising the Living God for the miracle of the modern-day state of Israel, we pray you’ll renew your own resolve to bless Israel and the Jewish people by giving a generous gift of support.

May God bless you for being a blessing to Israel and the Jewish people

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