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Why Christians Should Celebrate Shavuot

Learning about and celebrating Jewish holy days that have been handed down through the ages in the Scriptures, like Shavuot (also known as The Feast of Weeks), is a great way to experience God and His life-transforming presence in a special way. Watch the Holy Spirit inspired teaching on Shauvot and Pentecost by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn to gain a deeper on understanding of why Christians should celebrate the feasts.

Shavuot starts on the evening of Saturday, June 4th ending the two-day holiday at sundown on Monday, June 6th. For the Jewish calendar night begins before day, thus the holiday or festival begins on the sunset of the previous day. Why do Jewish holidays start at nighttime? According to the Torah, the story of creation in Genesis says “And it was evening, and it was morning day one”, “And it was evening, and it was morning; the second day”, thus night comes before day. So for the Jewish calendar all days begin at nightfall and...

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Israel. Where Yesterday Meets Tomorrow!

Don’t miss Selwyn Gerber’s, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of The Jerusalem Portfolio, as he shares why investing in the modern-day miracle of the state of Israel can unlock God’s blessings in your finances . . . and your life! Listen to Israel: Where Yesterday Meets Tomorrow now.

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In His Presence Teaching with Dr. Tommy Combs

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Mysteries of Purim


Pastor Ken from Save the Nations has an important word for you. About influence. About blessing. About unlocking the mysteries of Purim to unleash the power of the Esther story in your own life. 

No matter who you are or where you live . . . God has called you “for such a time as this.” 

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Watch This Book of Esther Reading on Purim (In Hebrew)

Don't miss this video and reading of the Book of Esther! Join in Purim Celebrations as we read the book of Esther. 

God wants us to celebrate the victories He has won for us. Remembering His victories in the past are the reason why we have so much hope for the future. That’s the whole point about Purim – God’s intervention! Take moment now to listen to a chapter or the entire Book of Esther, where Purim was originally decreed (Esther 9:28), to be blessed as you reflect on the truth of God’s grace-filled presence and saving power.



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Torah Church with Pastors Ken & Lisa Albin

Join Christian Women For Israel and Pastors Ken and Lisa Albin for this weeks Torah teaching. 

Torah readings through March 12th.

“Vayikra” He called Torah

Leviticus 1:1-6:7


Samuel 15:2-34

Psalm-50 NT 

Mark 16:14-29

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Ukraine’s Jewish community are crying out for help.

Our Partners in Ukraine are Crying Out for Help!

War continues to rock the Ukraine as the Russian invasion spreads throughout the country. Pleas for a cease-fire have been largely ignored.

The danger for innocent civilians – including God’s Chosen people – is immediate and urgent. We’ve even heard reports that there’s potential for anti-Semitic acts of violence possible in the midst of the chaos.

 Our partners and friends in Ukraine’s Jewish community are crying out for help:

“We can’t abandon those in need. There are no bomb shelters in Kiev and no directives on how to proceed in emergency situations. Those who remain are mainly the elderly, the sick, Holocaust survivors, and simple hardworking people. We are distributing more and more hot meals and food baskets. But we do not know how long these supplies will last . . .” –Sarah* 

That’s why we’re calling on all our “modern-day Esthers”...

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Ukraine, Russia and the Near East

There’s more happening in the Ukraine than what you’ll find on the evening news. So be sure to watch The Philos Project’s recent press briefing about the current crisis to learn:

  • What is actually happening in Ukraine
  • How hidden religious, historical, and cultural dynamics are driving the conflict with Russia
  • How the conflict will impact events in the Near East


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