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Christians Investing in Israel are Guided by Gods Word.

Coming to you from the Our Crowd Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem, read this fascinating article written by our friends at Breaking Israel News by clicking here or below. Learn about the exciting opportunities to support Israel by investing in Israeli start-ups and technology. 

Michael Redd, former NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medal winner, is attending the 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit today in Jerusalem. Since 2014, Redd has invested in over 85 companies and, in the last two years, he has turned his attention, and his investment resources, to Israel.

Breaking Israel News spoke with Redd on the morning of the Global Investor Summit about his experiences investing in Israeli companies.

Bible-based Investing

“The motivation is really simple,” Redd explained.  “It transcends business. I’ve fallen in love with the Nation of Israel and the people. From a Biblical standpoint, Isaiah talks about Israel being a light to the nations....

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