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Today’s Mitzvah Monday Challenge: Teach a child how to give joy and be joyful!

Watch this short video about a remarkable little boy who, with the support of his mother, delivered both flowers and loving hugs to seniors in a local nursing home as his New Year’s resolution.  

This adorable six year old clearly understood the impact he was making on these nursing home residents, many of whom were isolated and challenged by memory issues.  He was not being coached to be “cute;” rather, he was truly joyful in presenting bouquets of flowers and hugging and kissing these grateful seniors.  One man was so touched by the kindness of this child that he gently held him in his arms and cried – and this wonderful child fully welcomed the embrace for as long as this man wanted this closeness.  

Children come into this world innocently – as blank slates - capable of learning how to love and how to hate.  What better way to teach Christ-like love by providing our children and grandchildren the opportunity to be a Mitzvah...

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