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Happy Purim! Today, as Christian Women for Israel, let's reflect on the courage of Esther, who stood boldly for her people in the face of death.


What was right for Esther was to risk everything, her comfort and even her life, for the greater good of her people. In her best interest was the safety and prosperity of her people, not just her individual well-being.


Had Esther chosen silence, the story of her people would have ended in tragedy. Instead, she used wisdom and faith, orchestrating a victory over Haman, who, like the challenges that Israel faces today, sought to destroy. Haman's plot turned upon him, showing us that evil schemes lead to the downfall of those who devise them.


As Modern-Day Esthers, we are called to stand for what is right, to protect the vulnerable and to ensure justice. Our actions, guided by love and faith, can change the course of history. 


For a deeper understanding and spiritual encouragement, ...

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Mysteries of Purim


Pastor Ken from Save the Nations has an important word for you. About influence. About blessing. About unlocking the mysteries of Purim to unleash the power of the Esther story in your own life. 

No matter who you are or where you live . . . God has called you “for such a time as this.” 

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Watch This Book of Esther Reading on Purim (In Hebrew)

Don't miss this video and reading of the Book of Esther! Join in Purim Celebrations as we read the book of Esther. 

God wants us to celebrate the victories He has won for us. Remembering His victories in the past are the reason why we have so much hope for the future. That’s the whole point about Purim – God’s intervention! Take moment now to listen to a chapter or the entire Book of Esther, where Purim was originally decreed (Esther 9:28), to be blessed as you reflect on the truth of God’s grace-filled presence and saving power.



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Are You Preparing For Purim?

created esther plans purim Mar 19, 2019

Calling ALL Modern-Day Esthers, Have you taken time to review the book of Esther? Purim is coming up this month. This book in the bible is a must read and we encourage ALL Esthers to schedule time this month to review Esther. Here is the book of Esther in a nutshell!

Overview: The Persian Empire of the 4th century BCE was extremely large and all Jewish people were occupations of this region. The ruler was King Ahasuerus. He had his Queen, Vashti, executed for disobeying his instructions. After, he arranged a national beauty pageant to find a new queen. A very young Jewish girl named Esther was chosen to be his new Queen. The young Queen had not disclosed her heritage with anyone.

In the intervening time, Haman (a member of the royal court) was appointed prime minister of the empire. Mordecai, the leader of the Jews (and Esther’s cousin), defied the king’s orders and refused to bow to Haman. Haman was enraged by this display of disrespect. As a result, he...

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When Is It Time To Celebrate Purim?

created esther plans purim Mar 12, 2019

Calling ALL Modern-Day Esthers, We have taken the month of March to learn more regarding the Festival of Purim. We are getting close to celebrating this date! Let's learn more of the customs and when to celebrate! 

What Are Purim Customs?

1. Within the Jewish calendar, the fun of Purim is incomparable to any other date! This is a day to celebrate Jewish heritage, silliness, and enjoying life!

2. It is also customary for children and sometimes adults to dress up in costumes. The Jewish People wear masks or costumes as a symbol of the hidden meaning in the story of Esther. It is really behind the scenes God called Esther "For Such A Time As This" to save His people.  

3. A traditional Purim food is "hamantaschen". These are three-cornered sweet pastries smoothed with poppy seeds. 

4. On the day before Purim, it is customary to fast. This is commemorating Esther’s fasting. Queen Esther fasted with the Jewish people for three days...

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