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Happy Purim! Today, as Christian Women for Israel, let's reflect on the courage of Esther, who stood boldly for her people in the face of death.


What was right for Esther was to risk everything, her comfort and even her life, for the greater good of her people. In her best interest was the safety and prosperity of her people, not just her individual well-being.


Had Esther chosen silence, the story of her people would have ended in tragedy. Instead, she used wisdom and faith, orchestrating a victory over Haman, who, like the challenges that Israel faces today, sought to destroy. Haman's plot turned upon him, showing us that evil schemes lead to the downfall of those who devise them.


As Modern-Day Esthers, we are called to stand for what is right, to protect the vulnerable and to ensure justice. Our actions, guided by love and faith, can change the course of history. 


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