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Care with a Prayer

CW4I is partnering with Momentum in this global prayer movement for healthcare workers who fight daily against the coronavirus. Women of all faith are encouraged to participate by signing up at www.carewithaprayer.org where you can request the name of a health care worker to pray for and health care workers can submit their own names to have someone pray for them. 

Today, our healthcare workers are on the front lines of a frightening war. Join us in supporting these brave and selfless individuals. Sign up to be matched with a healthcare professional that you can support from afar. Keep them in your prayers. Express gratitude for them. Send good wishes their way. Positive thinking and prayer really can make a world of difference.

When you sign up, we will send you the name, profession, and location of a healthcare worker. If you know healthcare professionals who could use a prayer, please consider submitting their names.

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