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This is a crucial time in history — both politically and spiritually. 

With new leadership taking the helm in Israel following the election of Benjamin Netanyahu, and the upcoming U.S. Midterm elections tomorrow on November 8, we must be more vigilant than ever as “modern-day Esthers” who will stand in the gap and pray for God’s protection and His blessing. 

This is even more crucial now with the presence of the celestial sign (Blood Moon) that will hang over the Earth while ballots are being tallied in the U.S. 

While the entirety of God’s plans and purposes may remain hidden from our sight, we do know that we’re in the middle of the end times and the last days. And this final season means that we must remain more faithful than ever in:

As a “modern-day Esther” we need you to take a strong stand for God’s Chosen People — and declare our unwavering support for Israel today . . . and in the perilous days ahead.

Will you join us, for such a time as this? 

May God bless you!

And as you join us in praising the Living God for the miracle of the modern-day state of Israel, we pray you’ll renew your own resolve to bless Israel and the Jewish people by giving a generous gift of support.

May God bless you for being a blessing to Israel and the Jewish people

Yes, I want to Bless the Jewish People in Israel!

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