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100 Days Too Many

Our hearts are heavy for Rachel, marking 100 days since her son Hersh's kidnapping by Hamas. This stark image, with '100' on masking tape, is a painful call to action in a world where we vowed "Never Again." Yet, such deep-seated hatred persists, infiltrating even prestigious institutions like Harvard University, where Jewish students filed a lawsuit accusing it of allowing its campus to become a “bastion” of rampant antisemitism.


This echoes the timeless struggle against hatred and discrimination, reminiscent of the biblical story of Esther. In her, we find inspiration to stand against such injustices. As the Christian Women for Israel community, we are compelled to act, embodying Esther's spirit in advocating for justice and truth.


Our commitment is twofold: to sign the petition for October 7th as the “World Day Against Antisemitism” and to stand in solidarity with Hersh and others being held hostage. This Sunday,...

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