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Featured Lecture Series:
In the Garden of God

"In His Presence" with Tommy Combs

Evangelist Tommy Combs shares about his life changing experience in the Garden of Gethsemane and was the inspiration for his book “In His Presence”.


Israel Speaks

Israelis speak about living in the Holy Land

Episode 1: Israel in Need with Davida Kutscher

Modern-day Israel represents the triumph of God's light in a darkened world. Despite literally making the desert bloom in the Holy Land, there are still countless people the live in need. Learn from a professional in the field about existing needs and how you can make a tangible difference in the lives of many.

Episode 2: A Christian Life in the Palestinian Territories with Pastor Steven Khoury

This episode features Pastor Steven Khoury. Steven grew up in Bethlehem as an Arab, a Palestinian and a follower of Jesus. Now he pastors the largest Evangelical Arab church in Jerusalem.

Join us to learn first-hand from one brave Pastor what life is truly like and how his Ministry strives despite the obstacles.


Episode 3: Israel in Need with Davida Kutscher

This episode tells three different stories of Holocaust survivors. Learn how Davida's organization, along with your help, is making a difference in the lives of the elderly Jews.  Many who have lost most of their family and friends and are left to live out their days in solitude. 

She shares stories of hope for these people that will make you smile and touch your heart.


Episode 4: The Prayerful Israel Prospective in Israel-God's Heart

Ever wonder how God is using people are here in the USA? Learn about God’s mysterious plan and journey for local Florida writer, Kathleen Barrett and her calling to write a prayerful perspective book with an Israel photographer, Ron Gafni. 

To order your book today, please visit 

https://www.israelgodsheart.com/ and enter the promo code CW4Idonation."


Episode 5: An Interview with Susan Michael, a Christian Woman for Israel

As a decades-long Zionist, a true Christian Woman for Israel, Susan Michael has experienced first-hand the Christian experience in Israel as it relates to Jerusalem. Join us for a special interview led by our co-founder, Peggy Kennedy. 

Episode 6: Christmas in the Holy Land

What is it like to celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem - a city that both witnessed the birth of Christianity yet is now a place where Christians are persecuted? Join CW4I to hear Pastor Steven Khoury’s answer to this question while he shares his Christmas message to you.  

Episode 7: Christian Pilgrimage to Israel
CW4I excitedly hosts Uri Steinberg, Israel’s former Tourism Commissioner for North America! Uri shares firsthand the meaningful
importance of Christian tours to Israel not just from a spiritual perspective but also to strengthen relations.
Episode 8: A View in the Journey of Aliyah
In this episode, Guest Speaker, Mimi Rozmaryn, will give us a window’s view into the journey of making Aliyah!
Episode 9: Teaching of a Millennial Rabbi
Welcome our guest speaker, Rabbi Daniel Bortz, The Millenial Rabbi, to share some of his teachings.
Episode 10: BDS Miniseries
The livelihood of millions of Israelis is under attack by anti-Semitic and anti-Israel forces. Did you know that the movement is now penetrating Christian circles? Listen into our second installment in the BDS miniseries to learn more.
Episode 11: Challenges Facing Israel  

Join us in welcoming Guest Speaker, Ezra Bernstein guiding CW4I in challenging topics regarding Israel today! 


The Gesher Podcast

Bridge to Jewish Learning Series

Episode 1: Days of Awe - the Jewish High Holidays in Israel with Rebbetzin Raizel Deitsch.

The holiest time of year for Jews all over the world fall between Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

Join Christian Women for Israel in the first episode of our Bridge to Jewish Learning Podcast to hear from a Jewish sister in Israel about these remarkable days of introspection and how they are the culmination of the Jewish spiritual existence.

Where does your purpose lie?  Rosh Hashana reminds us, wakes us and stirs our spirit for the special mission and purpose God has created us for. Listen to Rebbetzin Raizel Deitsch today about this special time of year for the Jewish people.

Episode 2: Learning about the Arab Bedouin desert people with Dr. Anne Griffith.

Join us and guest speaker, Dr. Anne Griffith sharing her experience of empowering the women of the Bedouin people! 


Episode 3: The Remaining Story of Esther with Rabbi Naphtali "Tuly" Weisz.

Welcome our guest speaker Rabbi Naphtali “Tuly” Weisz sharing the remaining story of Esther. Rabbi will dive into Esther’s her role as Queen and Mother which inspire Jewish women worldwide today.   


Episode 4: A Modern-Day Esther Influencing Young Girls Through Creative Ministries  

Stephanie Ward, creator of “Girls of Truth”, guides CW4I into the modern ways a creative doll is empowering and educating young girls on their abilities and God’s given talent to be Modern-day Esthers!

Do you have a young Esther which you are searching for the right opportunity to share the story of Esther? The Esther doll provides this chance for an easy segway to play and learn more about God's word. Order today at girlsoftruthdolls.com and enter the promo code “SHIPESTHER” for free shipping. 

Episode 5: Immigrant adolescences in the current Israel state 

This episode features guest speaker Shlomo Schreibman setting the foundation of immigrant adolescences in the current Israel state. Listen in to the changes state of Israel and the future leaders of tomorrow. 

Episode 6: The Origins of Purim

This episode features guest speaker Ruth Baars.  Ruth is the Director of Programs and Partnerships for the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project.  She tells the story of Esther and the origins of Purim.

Episode 7: Passover

This episode features guest speaker Ruth Baars.  Ruth is the Director of Programs and Partnerships for the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project.  She talks about passover and how it is celebrated.

Episode 8: In His Presence with Tommy Combs

Evangelist Tommy Combs shares about his life changing experience in the Garden of Gethsemane and was the inspiration for his book “In His Presence.”


Holy Land Archaeology Report

Discovering and documenting the history and people of Israel

Episode 1: The Power and Enigma of the Copper Scroll featuring Shelley Neese, a Christian Woman for Israel and author of one of the top-selling books on the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Copper Scroll Project.

The Holy Grail. The Ark of the Covenant. The Fountain of Youth. The Philosopher’s Stone. Whether the objects are of legend or history, certain ancient mysteries arrest the imaginations of every generation. Listen live to a fellow Christian that lived the journey to unearth the hidden secrets and fascinating history of this little known Jewish Text.

Living As An Esther

Lessons For The Modern Day Esther

Episode 1: Special Valentine's Day Lecture with Dr. Troy and Teresa Dailey

We are calling all God's daughters! We believe YOU were born "for such a time as this" and God has great plans for you. Learn to live like Esther today with our Live Like Esther podcast.

Welcome our guest speakers, Dr. Troy and Teresa Dailey providing a lesson on marriage and tips for a outstanding valentine's day! 

Episode 2: Intentional Love and Faith: Miracles and Miles a healing story

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, Kristina received a call. There was something terribly wrong with her mother. In fear, she called her brother. He was a physician. Within minutes, Miss Sarah was brought to the ER.

Join us as we talk with Kristina and Michael about having intentional faith and how God heals.


Episode 3: Working together in compromise.


Join us as we welcome Dr. Troy and Teresa Dailey again for another great episode on how to have a wonderful marriage.  This lecture focuses on compromise and how it can change your marriage. 

Episode 4: Intentional Love and Faith: Miracles and Miles a healing story Episode 2

Join us as we talk with Kristina and Michael again about what it looks like to have intentional faith and how God is healing Kristina's Mother.


Episode 5: CW4I Partners with ICM

Join us as we learn about how ICM helps communities all over the world by providing churches and hope centers in areas of need.



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