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Devotional: "Drop Your LOT"

abraham called god house Jul 20, 2019

Topic: Drop your LOT

Scripture: Genesis 12

Message: At first glance, you might think that Abraham and his nephew Lot both were spiritual men.But a closer examination reveals that this was not the case.You see, Abraham lived for God.Lot, on the other hand, lived for himself.Abraham walked in the Spirit.Lot walked in the flesh.Abraham lived by faith. Lot lived by sight. And most significantly, Abraham *walked with God* and Lot *walked with Abraham*.

Unfortunately, because of Lot’s half-hearted commitment to the Lord, he was becoming a spiritual drain on Abraham.Instead of him Been a WING,He became a WEIGHT.The relationship they had was pulling Abraham down..Who you are close to can cause you to be FAR from God.Relationship with some people can affect your relationship with God.That is why, earlier in Genesis, God said to Abraham, “Leave your country, your relatives, and your father’s house, and go to the land that I will show you” (Genesis 12:1).

But Abraham was reluctant to part ways with Lot.Abrahams herdsmen and Lot’s Herdsmen had problem when they were increasing.We did not hear of God talking to Abraham for years.A time came that there was famine,Abraham actually went down to Egypt. It was a definite step backward.But Abraham eventually came to his senses and realized he was in a backslidden state. He decided to return to God and to the place where He had called him.

Sadly for Abraham, he reaped in the years ahead the results of that wrong choice.It was in Egypt that a woman named Hagar became Sarah’s servant. Abraham ended up having a child with Hagar.The child’s name was Ishmael, and conflicts between his descendents and the descendents of Isaac continue to this very day.

Have ungodly influences been wearing you down lately? Has a certain relationship or pursuit become a spiritual drain in your life? Don’t try to connect back with people God has disconnected you from.Some breakups will prevent you from BREAKING DOWN.God does not only bless you by bringing new people but also by REMOVING some people.Pruning is necessary for Growth and fruit bearing.Don't Compromise.It isn’t too late.Drop LOT!

By Pastor Bansah

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