Send a Hebrew Blessing to a Holocaust Survivor Today

Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom HaShoah, April 20-21, 2020

Together with our partner, MorseLife, and your loving support, we can send a powerful message that they are not alone. Please fill out the form below.


Amid all the sunshine, warmth and wealth in Southeast Florida, over 5,000 Holocaust Survivors are living in poverty. They struggle daily. They are in dire need of basic necessities, home-care, healthy food, companionship and vital services.

Now for Holocaust Survivors

The need is great and the time is now to send your message of love and support.

Join Christian Women For Israel today to help these precious souls live out their remaining days in dignity and comfort. The cost of home-care, food and other services is thousands of dollars per survivor per year, depending on the level of need. Many of these Holocaust Survivors are widowed and without family. They are alone, feeling once again abandoned, but we know they are not forsaken.

Does not the Psalmist pray, “Do not forsake us in our old age, do not abandon us when our strength has left.” Psalms 71:9

As Christian Women For Israel— modern-day “Esthers” we are called to stand for Israel and be a blessing, for such a time as this. 

Please prayerfully consider a gift of $40 to help provide food, medicine, and home visits to Holocaust Survivors living in Southeast Florida


About Christian Women For Israel

Generations of Christian women have drawn faith, strength, and encouragement from the example of Queen Esther. She is one of the most amazing women—and stories—in the Bible.

Esther lived 2,500 years ago as the Jewish queen of Persia. She appealed to King Xerxes—at the risk of her own life—for the lives of fellow Jews in exile who were facing extermination by their mortal enemy, Haman (Esther 7:3).

Unless Esther acted, tens of thousands of Jews would have been murdered . . . a true “holocaust” twenty-five centuries before the Nazis attempt at Jewish genocide! Now today, Christian Women for Israel has stepped forward as a community of tens of thousands of modern-day “Esthers” praying and standing for Israel. This vibrant group of women is seeking God’s blessing on the nation and His protection against enemies seeking to destroy her.

Christian Women for Israel is a program of The Esther 414 Foundation.

The Esther 414 Foundation exists to empower women and others in support of Israel, the United States, ministries, projects and programs providing faith-based social services throughout the world.

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About MorseLife Foundation

MorseLife Health System is a lifeline for seniors in Palm Beach County, Florida. Providing services to optimize life for older adults at every stage, touching the lives of 3,600 seniors each day.

MorseLife Foundation funds multiple programs supporting vulnerable seniors living amid the prosperity of Palm Beach County, Florida including the delivery of more than 50,000 nutritious meals annually to homebound, needy elders.

The Foundation helps assure that all seniors in the community live with dignity and access to the basic services they require.

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