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Explore The Holy Land with Assaf Boker




Mitzvah (good deed) Challenge!

As a modern-day Esther, your mitzvahs, help provide food to the poor and needy in the Holy Land through the good work of Israel's Crisis Hotline.

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Send a Hebrew Blessing to a Holocaust Survivor Today

Help these precious souls live out their remaining days in dignity and comfort.
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Christian Women for Israel wants to send you to Jerusalem to pray at the Western Wall!

Apply now for this one in a lifetime volunteer opportunity! As CW4I Ambassador, you will pray daily at the Western Wall for Israel, America, the Jewish people and our CW4I prayer requests. International airfare and lodging included.

Now Accepting Volunteer Applications. Deadline August 31, 2020!

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Complimentary Study: Ten Guiding Principles to Live Like Esther

Esther was a beautiful Jewish women living in exile in Persia. She was an orphan daughter of a conquered people during a time when women were seen as little more than royal property. Yet through her situation she grew to be the epitome of influence.

This study will help you use your unique position in life to make a positive and powerful difference. We will look at how Esther influenced her people and government, her biblical leadership attributes, and explore her faith-based principles to lead those around us "for such a time as this".

Esther 414

When joining the Esther 414  membership level you will receive the membership welcome kit (includes ID Card, Water Bottle, and Tote Bag), an exclusive community for resources and prayer, and weekly prayer calls and biblical teachings.

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Border Patrol

“Adopt” a specific, critical 1 KM section of Israel’s 1,017-kilometer border when joining the Border Patrol Level. You receive a certificate of appreciation and map highlighted with information on the people, land, and prayers. CW4I monthly membership is included with your monthly donation.

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Founding Member

As a special Founding Member of Christian Women for Israel you will receive lifetime benefits. The Founding Membership contains all benefits from the "Esther 414"  and "Border Patrol" level plus a beautiful Esther Scroll.  This is a hand crafted scroll containing the story of Esther and how she saved the people of Israel. 

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Featured Lecture Series:
Israel Speaks

Israel is the safest and most accepting country for Christians in the Middle East.  Just a few short miles away, however, Christians in the Palestinian territories and East Jerusalem struggle and suffer.

Join us to learn first-hand from one brave Pastor what life is truly like and how his Ministry strives despite the obstacles.

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Join Thousands of Christian Women Around the World

Christian Women For Israel is a group of women devoted to prayer, advocacy, and peace for all people in Israel.  Please fill in the form below to learn how to join CW4I.

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Christian Women For Israel is an interdenominational ministry program of The Esther 414 Foundation. We do not subscribe to any particular Christian denomination. We strive to express Christ-like love to ALL people.  Click Here to see what we believe.

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